Fight for the Reef
Fight for the Reef

Adani’s latest approval reveals a disregard for the Great Barrier Reef

Feb 3, 2016A

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has today expressed deep concern about the Queensland Government’s environmental approval of Adani’s Carmichael coal mine, which will adversely impact the Great Barrier Reef.

Imogen Zethoven, the Great Barrier Reef Campaign Director said today that the decision demonstrated that the Queensland Government is putting the interests of the coal industry ahead of the interests of the Reef and a sustainable economy.

“The mining and burning of coal is the leading cause of global warming. It causes the waters of the Reef to warm and coral to be bleached. Global warming is the greatest threat faced by the Reef.

“The Queensland economy and the tourism industry rely on a healthy Reef. It provides 70,000 jobs and billions to the state’s economy.

“Approving this mine is madness. There’s hardly a profitable coal mine in Queensland. Workers are being laid off. The mines can’t pay for their rehabilitation bonds.

“Adani has failed to secure finance. Banks think this is a project that doesn’t offer viable returns.

“But it is the Reef that will be hardest hit. The Reef’s waters will be dredged, there will be hundreds more coal ships and damaging port infrastructure will be built along the coastline.

“Top coral scientists are saying quite clearly, you can have the Reef, or you can have coal but you can’t have both.

“Economically, environmentally, rationally or emotionally, there is no choice. The Reef should be here for future generations. And future generations power should come from renewable sources,” said Ms Zethoven.


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