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Image © Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil’s Peter Garrett and Rob Hirst

Midnight Oil lead singer Peter Garrett and drummer Rob Hirst are on a World Circle Tour. They’re taking the Stop Adani message across Australia as part of their Great Circle 2017 tour. They’re promoting their Australian concerts as ‘Reef Gigs’.

Thank you Oils for putting our Reef and Stop Adani up in lights!

Image © Monika Flueckiger,

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio tells of Reef ‘devastation’:

“Since my very first dive in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia 20 years ago to the dive I got to do in the very same location just two years ago, I’ve witnessed environmental devastation firsthand.

“What once had looked like an endless underwater utopia is now riddled with bleached coral reefs and massive dead zones.”

Read the piece in The Australian here.

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