Fight for the Reef
Fight for the Reef

AMCS: New rehab bill puts Reef before mining industry

Mar 15, 2016A

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has congratulated the Queensland Government for its new Environment Protection (Chain of Responsibility) Amendment Bill that will give the government strong powers to force companies to pay for environmental rehabilitation.

Imogen Zethoven campaign director at AMCS said this new bill, if passed by the Parliament, would mean that the Queensland taxpayer would not be left with the bill when companies become insolvent and leave behind a potential environmental hazard.

“This bill is the strongest environmental reform applying to the mining industry in the last 20 years. It will provide strong safeguards for our environment and the Great Barrier Reef.

“It is critical that businesses, when no longer profitable, are forced to pay for rehabilitation costs and not pass on those costs to the taxpayer.

“The mining industry is shedding jobs, and is struggling to turn a profit. There is a high risk that without this new law being passed, Queensland taxpayers will have to pay for massive clean up bills.

“AMCS welcomes the government’s decision to put the environment and the Great Barrier Reef before the mining industry. We call on the Opposition and Independents to support this important reform” said Ms Zethoven.


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