Fight for the Reef
Fight for the Reef

AMCS slams Hunt’s claims on World Heritage Committee in danger listing

May 13, 2015A

The Australian Marine Conservation Society has called on the Environment Minister Greg Hunt to stop misrepresenting the condition of the Reef, the effectiveness of his own plan to protect it, and the positions of groups fighting for the Reef’s protection.

Felicity Wishart, the Great Barrier Reef campaign director for AMCS, said no one wants the Reef to be on the World Heritage ‘in danger’ list, we want it protected.

“Comments from Minister Hunt accusing the Australian Marine Conservation Society of fighting for the Reef to be listed in danger are more lies and deliberate misrepresentations.

“Minister Hunt has been gallivanting around the world telling the world the Reef is not under threat because of his plan will fix it. This is a further fudging of the truth.

“The money provided to the Reef, much of this is either existing finances, which would have been already attributed.

“We still have the situation where Minister Hunt is giving special treatment to Adani, a dangerous Indian coal company, to build a coal port on the Reef’s coastline, that needs millions of tonnes of dredging.

“This has been approved without a proper Environmental Impact Statement, in order to fast track the project and the destruction of one of the most iconic and sensitive places in the world.

“Any action the government is taking is not out of concern for the Reef, it is out of concern for the international embarrassment caused by the World Heritage Committee.

“Our position is clear and consistent. We want the Reef protected, not listed in danger. We want the Reef to be healthy.  We want it free of government approved coal ports.

“We would like a Minister for the Environment, not a minister who acts in the interest of one industry, the mining industry, with too much power”, said Ms Wishart.


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