Fight for the Reef
Fight for the Reef
Fight For Our Reef

Coral bleaching emergency

Ditch Adani and rescue our reef!

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The Great Barrier Reef is in crisis. Severe coral bleaching has returned for the second year.

But instead of rescuing our Reef, the Queensland Premier has been promoting a giant new Reef-wrecking coal mine with Adani.

Send a message to Palaszczuk now asking her to ditch dirty coal and stand up for our Reef.

Our message to Annastacia Palaszczuk:

Dear Premier Palaszczuk,

I am devastated that one of Queensland’s most prized wonders – our Great Barrier Reef – is fighting for its life. After the catastrophic severe mass bleaching of last year, our already vulnerable Reef is facing a second severe bleaching event – due to ocean warming.

I am also deeply concerned that at the very time our Reef and the 70,000 jobs it supports are on the line, you are in India meeting with The Adani Group to steam roll the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project.

The burning of coal from this mine alone will release 4.7 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide pollution into our atmosphere – exacerbating global warming, and ocean temperature rises, even further. It will also lead to hundreds more new coal ships ploughing through the waters of our precious Reef.

The Adani Group has a terrible environmental track record – as demonstrated in The Environmental Justice Australia’s The Adani Brief.

I urge that you put our corals and tourism jobs over coal and the destruction it brings, and that you and your team return home to combat this emergency.

The Queensland Government must say no to any public funding for the project, and commit to rapidly moving away from dirty, destructive fossil fuels and investing in clean renewable energy.

Polling released this week shows the majority of Australians don’t want this mine. We want a healthy living Reef, and we want a safe climate.

Please say no to Adani and do not let public money be used to open up this dirty mine.

Image: Coral bleaching outside Cairns by Brett Monroe Garner
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