Fight for the Reef
Fight for the Reef
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Donate Here

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We’ve achieved so much already with your support.

Chip in now to help is keep up our fight.

Scientists are warning our Great Barrier Reef will be in ‘terminal decline’ within five years without urgent action on water pollution and global warming.

The outlook is dire. That’s why it’s important that we stand up for our Reef like never before – can you chip in to step up our fight for our natural wonder?

Without your donation, it would be impossible for us to continue to campaign against the many challenges faced by our Reef.

This fight is about Australians standing up for the things we love – clean water, colourful coral, and a healthy environment that supports sustainable jobs for our future.

Please donate urgently so our action can match the size of our enormous fight ahead. All donations big or small will make a difference.

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