Fight for the Reef
Fight for the Reef

Mr Pyne’s decision to stand for the Great Barrier Reef reflects the views of the majority of Queenslanders

Mar 8, 2016A

The Australian Marine Conservation Society has said that Mr Pyne’s concern for protection of the Great Barrier Reef from the Adani coal mine are in line with the views of the vast majority of Queenslanders.

Imogen Zethoven the Great Barrier Reef campaign director for AMCS said “The continuation of a stable government in Queensland is important but Mr Pyne has made a decision in line with the interests and concerns of the Queensland people who want a healthy Reef and are deeply concerned about global warming and coral bleaching.

“These are important issues. Queenslanders want the Reef protected. We don’t want massive coal mines expanded when we need to be tackling global warming with great urgency, to save the Reef and the 69,000 jobs that depend on it.

“The mining and burning of coal threatens the Great Barrier Reef by causing global warming, the warming of the Reef’s waters and coral bleaching. The Great Barrier Reef is currently experiencing a widespread coral bleaching event.

“The majority of Queenslanders don’t want to see the Abbot Point coal terminal expanded to facilitate the massive Carmichael coal mine. An expanded port means more dredging and hundreds more coal ships ploughing through the Great Barrier Reef’s waters.

“The ALP in Queensland came to power on the promise that they would not approve dredging at Abbot Point before financial close.

“Right now the Reef could face the third coral bleaching event in the last twenty years. The economic and environmental case to reject new coal mines in favour of renewables is undeniable. The future of the Great Barrier Reef depends on it,” said Ms Zethoven.

“As the Member for Cairns, Mr Pyne was an active supporter of the ban on sea-dumping in the Great Barrier Reef and spoke out strongly against the proposed dredging of Trinity Inlet, which would add to pollution of Great Barrier Reef waters.

AMCS and GetUp! launched a TV commercial on March 6th to highlight the dangers to the Reef of the mining and burning of coal:


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