Fight for the Reef
Fight for the Reef

Protect Great Barrier Reef’s natural beauty and economic value

Mar 8, 2016A

The Australian Marine Conservation Society is calling for greater protection for the Great Barrier Reef to ensure it can continue to attract millions of international visitors to enjoy it’s stunning beauty.

New figures released today reveal the extent to which tourism underpins the strength of the Queensland and Australian economy, with the Great Barrier Reef being one of the international attractions.

Last year Queensland welcomed 1.1 million international tourists, with the industry bringing in $5 billion to the Queensland economy.

Imogen Zethoven Great Barrier Reef campaign director at AMCS said these figures show how important it is that the Federal Government protects the Reef to help grow the Queensland tourism industry.

“The tourism industry is growing, but our greatest asset, the Great Barrier Reef, is under threat.

“This week we saw the first signs of low level but widespread coral bleaching at Lizard Island. Scientists are worried about further bleaching occurring along the Reef’s coastline.

“If we want to help the growing tourism industry we need to protect the Reef’s beauty from global warming and help prevent further bleaching events.

“The Federal Government can protect a sustainable tourism industry by helping to end the threats the Reef faces, including global warming, by stopping the mining and burning coal and rapidly transitioning to renewable energy.

“Prime Minister Turnbull can show he is serious about the future of Queensland by investing in the Reef and renewables,” said Ms Zethoven


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