Fight for the Reef
Fight for the Reef

Reef champions

Nat & Elijah

Nat & Elijah work as an awesome tag team! At the climate march last November these 2 hard working volunteers took on the roles of MC and speech maker. Their true passion for the Reef always shines through!

Palm Creek Folk Festival Champions

This weeks Reef Champions are the amazing Milena, Ed, Laura, Catherine, and Michael – volunteers from the Palm Creek Folk Festival earlier this month! These amazing Fight For The Reef volunteers made Read More »

Bob the recruiter – yes he can!

This weeks Reef Champion is Bob, our “chief recruiter”, seen here at our Saturday beach market stall. He is a delightful, charming gentleman that has a fascinating way with people, and a natural knack for getting everyone he speaks to to sign on to our petitions and pledges. He works tirelessly for the Reef.
Thank you Bob!!


This week’s Reef Champions are the Grade 2 students at St Peter’s Primary School in East Keilor! They have been learning about different places within Australia, and took a particular interest in The Great Barrier Reef due to its beauty, size and vast array of marine life.  When the children found out about the threat to the reef’s survival they had many questions they wanted answered.  As a result, the Grade 2s held a Colour For Coral Day where we all dressed in our brightest colours to support the sustainability of the Great Barrier Reef.  Read More »

Write for the Reef

Morgan and Adrienne, both volunteers in Brisbane and also students at the University of QLD have organised a day tomorrow at their uni called “Write for the Reef” with very little support from us and totally their own idea. They are asking students on their campus to write messages to Steven Miles.

Check out the event here.

Thank you so much!

Rally for the Reef!

This week’s Reef Champion is Mollie Cox who has been front and centre organising the Rally for the Reef events around Australia.

Mollie has worked tirelessly to help give local communities a voice and let Governments know we won’t stand by and allow our Reef to be ruined.

Support your nearest Rally for the Reef this Sunday 26! You can find your nearest rally point here.

Beautiful and amusing!

This week’s Reef Champion is artist Sarah Mitchell who has created some beautiful (and amusing) works to support the Reef.

Sarah says “If the zooplankton of coral reefs continues to decline all other species in the ocean are affected.

The future of the Great Barrier Reef must be secured. The responsibility is ours, on land as well as in the water, put plankton before profit!

I’ll keep making pictures of it, it’s beautiful as well as a vital link in reef survival.”

Brisbane Volunteer Events Coordinator, Julie

Julie gives several days a week to the campaign and organises all our events around the country.

Julie says: “Most of my life I was quite blasé about the Reef but then I travelled overseas and saw other World Heritage sites and was really impressed. Bit by bit I began taking notice of reports of what was happening to the Reef.

I didn’t want to be part of the generation that wrecked the Reef.

Then an opportunity came up to volunteer with AMCS. I consider it an honour to make a small contribution to the Fight for the Reef and raise awareness of the risks it faces.”

Thanks for all your hard work Julie.

President Obama!

This week’s Reef Champion is President Obama who brought the fight for the Reef to the global stage.
President Obama warned that natural wonders like the Barrier Reef were under direct threat and said:
“I want my daughters to be able to come back and I want them to be able to bring their daughters or sons to visit.”
“I want that there 50 years from now.”
So do we Mr President, so do we.

Rock on Paul!

This week’s Reef Champion is Paul Corrigan who was a great help during Rock for the Reef, organising 5 out of the 7 raffle prizes, travelled around getting gear ready for the stall and then working all evening to keep the stall running.

Paul says: “I’ve had a lifelong affiliation with the outdoors and Reef. My first reef trips were in the early and late 1980’s as a kid, then a few times per year from 2005 onwards running tours around Australia.

The Reef, an icon for this nation, sustainably supports thousands (69,000) of jobs and contributes massively ($5.68 billion) to our economy. Threatening the livelihood of many of these jobs while seriously threatening vulnerable land and marine species is seriously unconscionable.

Sadly, if we don’t chip in with our time and support right now, it may be too late for the health of this natural wonder.”

Thanks to Paul and everyone involved in Rock for the Reef for all your hard work.

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