Fight for the Reef
Fight for the Reef

How to save our Great Barrier Reef – by Gillian, 7

Jul 3, 2017A

“It’s pretty simple. We just need to stop a couple of things, change a couple of things and bam – you have it forever.”

Meet Gillian, seven years old from the south coast of Victoria.

We stumbled on this little legend a week before her very first trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Excited and in awe at what she was about to see at this World Heritage listed natural wonder, we just had to capture her unscripted passion – and share it with the world. Because, while she can still experience many parts of the Great Barrier Reef in all their glory today, if we don’t act now it could disappear in her lifetime – so her children can’t.

Our Reef is in grave danger. This amazing ecosystem, home to 9000 species and 10,000 years old, is under serious threat from global warming – mainly due to the burning of coal. Back-to-back bleaching has left half of corals dead after just two years – due to rapidly rising ocean temperatures, caused by climate change. We must act now to halt carbon pollution and reduce temperatures if our Reef is to survive. If not, it could vanish in our children’s lifetimes.

The Great Barrier Reef can recover – but the window is closing fast. Time is critical, so we’re calling on the Australian government to take firm climate action and stop Adani’s giant Carmichael mine now. We’re also asking UNESCO’s World  Heritage Committee for help – as the damage done to our Great Barrier Reef is a symbol of what’s happening to coral reefs around the world.

Do something amazing for Gillian, and many more like her.


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