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Fight for the Reef

Stop Adani Fortnight of Action: what you can do!

What is our Stop Adani Fortnight of Action? Our Great Barrier Reef is in crisis. To rescue our Reef we must stop Adani’s mega mine – and choose coral and jobs over Adani’s mine.

We will Stop Adani’s reef-wrecking mine. But we need you! We want thousands of you to take action this May, to show how unstoppable our movement has become. Get involved 15 – 23 May! Follow the steps below, or read our Meet Your MP Guide or download our Meet Your MP Toolkit Guide [PDF 345KB].

UPDATE: Join Fight For Our Reef crew Shannon Hurley and Dr Lissa Schindler on Monday 15 May LIVE at 6pm on Facebook to find out more, plus get some tricks and tips on how you can get involved >>

Step 1: Sign and share our petition

We want at least 20,000 Aussies to tell the Queensland Premier to ditch Adani’s colossal reef-wrecking Carmichael coal mine – and invest in coral, not coal. Sign our petition to Premier Palaszczuk here. 

Already signed? Persuade your friends! Personal recommendations have power  – so we need you to tell your mates to join our movement and fight for our Reef.

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Want to do more? How about sharing to any Facebook groups you’re part of, pages you follow or forums you frequent? Every person who signs is vital! If you want more information you can also read Labor’s election promise to Save the Great Barrier Reef here 


Step 2: Tweet for our Reef

Use your voice! Tweet to tell our politicians that we MUST #StopAdani, say no to new coal and rescue our Reef! Tell Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and other party leaders directly to tell them why we have to choose coral and jobs first.

Use our suggested tweets by clicking the links below – or write a personal message. Please make sure to tag all your tweets with #StopAdani and @FightForOurReef – so we can follow and retweet them!


Choose coral not coal! Protect 70K jobs and a $6bn industry @TurnbullMalcom @FightForOurReef #StopAdani #auspol 

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Reef crisis! Please protect this Aussie wonder @TurnbullMalcolm >> #StopAdani @FightForOurReef #auspol #oceans

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Don’t break your election promise @AnnastaciaMP – no public money for Adani! >> #StopAdani @FightForOurReef 

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Step 3: Persuade your MP

If conversation’s more your cuppa then we’d love you to meet your MP or call your MP to share your concern about Adani’s mine and your passion for protecting our precious Reef.

Get your mates together

Get some friends or neighbours together to plan an evening of letter writing, MP calling or create a local action. Call a friend. Invite people over for a coffee, dinner or a movie night – like Guarding The Galilee, or Attenborough’s Reef. Get them fired up about protecting our Reef and stopping Adani.

Do some research

If you know your MP this will help you persuade them for your advocacy activities. If you can split the tasks with friends, even easier. First, find your MP and look up their website. Read their biography. Like their Facebook page and engage with their posts. Follow them on Twitter and read what they share. Subscribe to their media statements, newsletter and watch their speeches.

Read our Meet Your MP Guide>>

Read how to call your MP >>

Download our Meet Your MP Tool Kit [PDF] >>

Organise a meeting with your MP

You will need to contact your MP’s electorate office and ask them for a meeting by email, letter or phone call. For some example texts you can use download our Call Your MP ToolKit.

Find out more on how to organise a meeting with your MP and plan for the best outcome.

Still can’t get a meeting? Don’t give up if you can’t meet immediately. Keep trying!


Step 4: Organise an action at your MP’s office

This is a great tactic if your MP won’t meet with you – but also to make your meeting big! Encourage local media to come along by calling them the day before to let them know what you are up to. If they can’t make it send some pictures and statements about as soon as possible after.

Find out where your MP will be in the week of action and turn up! Are they on local radio? Call in and ask them not to fund Adani. Are they running a public town hall or speaking at a local community event? Show up and ask them to not fund Adani.

Plan your action. Keep it simple. Make it fun!

A well planned action goes a long way. Sit down with your friends or local group, plot out your action and assign roles and responsibilities.

  • What resources do you need?
  • How many people do you need to pull it off?
  • What creative tactics can you use to get their attention?

Post your event to the Fight For Our Reef Facebook page – to recruit more local people to your action


Step 5: Run a phone in to your MP’s office

Hold a coordinated phone in. Get a bunch of people who live in your electorate together and jam your MP’s phone lines with calls about Adani. If you can’t get a big group together, get five friends together to call your MP’s office over the week of action. Do a day of the week each.

From the 15-26 May, escalate the pressure on your local MP. Write to them, phone them, meet with them, turn up at their events and protest outside their offices. Don’t give up until their parties rule out public funding for Adani’s disastrous mine.

If your MP’s party has already ruled it out, get your MP to state it publicly. If your MP’s party supports the loan, there are still lots of things you can ask for.


Step 6: Share what you do with the movement!

Make your meeting or action have bigger impact by sharing it! Take as many photos as you can, maybe some video of the day or perhaps write a blog to capture your story. Share with your communities on social using the hashtag #StopAdani where possible, post to our Fight For Our Reef Facebook page, tweet to @FightForOurReef or tag our new Fight For Our Reef Instagram in your Insta posts. 

Please do email us on too to let us know how it went: We’d love to hear how it went so we can share with – and inspire – more Fight For Our Reef supporters like you!

Want more information? Check out our Meet Your MP Tool Guide here – or download as a PDF.

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