Fight for the Reef
Fight for the Reef

What’s going on behind closed doors?

The recent release of explosive FOI documents has raised more questions about the management of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

These documents revealed the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority advised the Federal Environment Department to reject the Abbot Point dredging and dumping proposal.

Yet both Environment Minister Greg Hunt and GBRMPA approved the dumping of Abbot Point dredge spoil in the Reef’s waters.

What is going on behind closed doors?

The waters of the Reef will not be clear and transparent without a clear and transparent management process.

Sign the petition today asking Greg Hunt to open the doors on Reef management.

Your message to Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt:

Minister Hunt,

Recent documents released under Freedom of Information showed GBRMPA was advising your Department to reject the Abbot Point dredging and dumping proposal. Yet you approved it.

I’m asking you to open the doors on the process behind the decisions being made about the future of the Reef.

I urge you to immediately make public these key pieces of information:
1. GBRMPA and departmental advice about the Abbot Point dredging and dumping decision
2. all submissions to the Great Barrier Reef strategic assessment process
3. the full details of the inquiry into alleged conflict of interest at GBRMPA

Your government has been made custodian of this amazing natural wonder on my behalf and for people around the world and generations to come.

We want a healthy future for the Reef and we deserve a clear and transparent process when decisions are made that impact upon it.

Your timely cooperation will give a clearer picture of what’s going on.

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So we don't lose the Great Barrier reef